UAN Business Numbers

Our collection numbers like Universal Access Numbers are perfect for businesses . Contact us for all kind of  UAN Business Numbers. We have currently in available 03111144448, 03111767111, 03111371371, 03000848848, 03000753753, and much more.

0300084 series numbers
Jazz 03000 Series numbers

Business Use Numbers

We have best numbers for corporate persons and business. In Zong Golden Numbers we have 03111 series with same pair number i.e. 03111 371 371. If you prefer Jazz network then we have special UAN Numbers in 03000 series such as 03000 848 848. These numbers are very easy to remember and give a good impression of your business

Helpline Numbers for Businesses

If you are an business and looking for an easy to remember number for you customer then we have a huge collection UAN like Business numbers. These numbers can be used as your business helpline. We also provide solution for helpline exchange means that on backend you can have 5 or 10 numbers and when any customer calls on your helpline number calls will be forwarded to one of the available numbers in backend.

How to book your UAN Number

We provide number only through Bio-metric verification. If you are from Lahore we can provide number through Bio-metric transfer from franchise or company business center. As you know one can have maximum 5 sims on your CNIC. Kindly check your sim limits as it will save time for both. You can check your sim limits by sending your CNIC number to 668 in message. Please note if you already have 5 sims on your CNIC you have to remove one number first. To remove your unwanted number from your CNIC you can visit relevant company head office. Also note that Data Sim does not count.